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Shiroi Neko

Item(s): Shiroi Neko T-Shirt

Price: RM85 (see market price @

Dealing method: Maybank2u

Location of seller: Miri

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YM -

Shiroi Neko Products
Shiroi Neko T-shirts are designed in Japan and handmade in Thailand. That's why they have that truly unique look making them completely different from any other T-shirt in the world.

Shiroi Neko is japanese for "White Cat", a mythical animal in japanese culture that symbolises good fortune, as opposed to its counterpart, the black cat.
With a Shiroi Neko T-shirt on, you will not only look good but also feel good, keep bad karma and evil spirits away and enjoy good luck.

The Fabric
Shiroi Neko designer T-shirts are soft and durable , made of 100% premium quality cotton.
Typically Shiroi Neko designer T-shirt are made in heavy duty fabric.
But we also make some models in a thinner cotton fabric for those really hot summer days.

The Colour
Shiroi Neko offers a large variety of colours inlcluding some unique blends of dual colors. Together with enzyme wash unique colouring effects are achived.
The colors will not fade when washing.

The Print
Shiroi Neko only carries T-shirts with highest quality screen-printed designs including foil in different colours.
Print motifs are influenced by retro tattoo, vintage Manga (Anime), Mexican Day-of-the-Dead art as well as eastern and western culture esthetics.

Stone washed T-shirts
Shiroi Neko also offers "aged" T-shirts which are stone washed with pumice stone and acid/enzyme washed just like jeans are treated on a regular basis.
The unique Acid Wash treatment will typically induce both pattern differences as well as shade differences between every t-shirt making every one as unique as a persons fingerprint. The fabric is degraded in the acid wash process, and to see a few small holes in the garment is normal , and they may develop more quickly after wash and wear. This is an intentional part of the look and feel of this "aged" style making the fabric soft and very comfortable to wear, just like your oldest favorite T-shirt that you have washed a countless number of times.

Garment distortion
Often a brand new t-shirt leaves the washer and dryer in a disappointing condition. Shrinking and color fading being the two most common problems.
All t-shirts will shrink to some extent when they are first washed.
All Shiroi Neko shirts are pre-washed and will not shrink again when you wash them.
Shiroi Neko designer T-shirts does not contain any traces of Nonylfenoltoxylat.

All Shiroi Neko T-shirts are Handmade.
We use several techniques to achieve the unique Shiroi Neko look, including stonewash, enzyme & acid wash, burn out technique, foil, floss and custom coloring.
Shiroi Neko T-shirts are screen printed on the front as well as the back and some models all around.
Print motifs are influenced by retro tattoo, vintage Manga (Anime) as well as eastern and western culture esthetics and mexican "day-of-the-dead" art.



more info, contact me at YM -

Latest News

First stock sampey bulan 10 tok klak..
jd, order akan tutup every 23hb and dibukak semula on 1hb bulan berikutnya..
gney mok order?

1. add aku rah ym (
2. pdh design apa mok (@ (lam YM)
3. saiz baju and brapa igek mok (lam YM)
4. bank in duit ya rah acc, scan resit ya, then hntr attachment rah
5. sampey baju takorg

P/s - mun mok beli byk2 boleh juak, minimum quantity are 50 helai and harga akan takorg dpt is rm75


Rega nok dipamerkan ya, rega fix utk biak2 MIRI, RM85.. sekda penambahan atau penolakan(kecuali beli borong, rm75)

2 options pemngambilan baju -

a) Hntr di depan rumah takorg - rega nok dipamerkan akan ditmbh dgn rega pos.
b) Takorg ambik baju ya rah Piasau Phase 2 (mun mok, lak berik map) - XDA penambahan price.

Onitsuka Tiger also sale here soon


Croc coming soon in Miri

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Our store will be open soon in Miri. Please keep yourself updated.